The Best Small Riding Lawn Mowers at Lowes 2022

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Are you searching for a mower that’s small enough to go into confined areas yet robust enough to cope with even the largest yards?

If so, you’ve landed in the right place! Read reviews of the top small riding lawn mowers at Lowes on this page.

You’ll be able to choose from riding mowers that are ideal for tiny gardens to mulching mowers that make handling leaf piles simple. So, whether you’re buying your first lawn mower or replacing it, check out this page for further information on home ownership!

Reviews of the Best Small Riding Lawn Mowers at Lowes

The following are some of the best-selling riding lawn mowers in Lowes:


Small riding lawn mowers at lowes 1

Power, durability, and ease of use are all features of this front engine riding mower. It has a 17.5 HP Briggs and Stratton single-cylinder engine with a 42-inch bore and stroke. The deck is made of steel.

Its 7-speed gearbox, as well as its comfortable low-back seat, will enable you to smoothly travel through 18 inches. It’s almost effortless to roll around in a circle. You may cut and polish like a pro with the optional mulching kit.

Key Features:

  • Featuring a dependable 17.5 HP Briggs & Stratton® single-cylinder engine that is easy to start and provides excellent performance.
  • a turning radius of 18 inches for simple maneuverability
  • Transmission with 7 gears
  • extra-durable 42-in reinforced stamped steel deck
  • 20x15x6 wheels
  • Comfortable low-back chair

Ariens IKON XD

Small riding lawn mowers at lowes 2

The tubular steel frame of the Ariens IKON XD 52 provides you with comfort. When looking at the IKON’s thicker steel deck up close, you’ll notice a major disparity between it and its competitor. Sheet metal or recycled metal will feel like the texture of other mowers.

Key Features:

  • 4 inch deep, fully constructed and has superior airflow for excellent cutting performance
  • The adjustable, plush, high back seat with padded armrests provides the most comfort possible while mowing.
  • With the simple turn of a dial, select from 13 cutting locations ranging from 1-1/2 to 4-1/2 inches in quarter-inch increments.


Small riding lawn mowers at lowes 3

The EGO POWER ZT4204L is focused on utilizing all of its strengths to provide you with a great grass-cutting experience, as one might assume from the brand’s name.

This model can travel for up to two acres and achieve a maximum speed of eight miles per hour thanks to six lithium batteries. Before you get on to tidy up your yard, you’ll need to charge it via the USB port on the back since this is an electric, battery-powered mower.

Key Features:

  • 76.77 inches long
  • Type of Fuel: Electric
  • Electric blade engagement type
  • 10 deck positions total
  • Zero Turn type
  • Limited 5-year warranty

How to Choose the Best Small Riding Lawn Mowers

Small riding lawn mowers may be a terrific option if you need to cut grass quickly and efficiently. They are also easy to maintain if you know the right way.

It’s essential to properly analyze your requirements before making a purchase. This includes calculating how much time you have each week and the size of the grass you’ll need to cut.

Additionally, before buying a specific model, it’s important to compare prices and features. Read and follow all safety instructions once you’ve chosen the best small riding lawn mowers for your needs. Your new lawn mower is ready for you to use.


It’s simple to see why these small riding lawn mowers are so popular at lowes after reading through the evaluations. Each mower has its own set of features that are tailored to specific users.

Take the time to read through the reviews and compare different models before choosing the best small riding lawn mowers for your needs. Buying something is a wise decision!

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