A Complete Guide Of How And When To Propagate New Growth In Snake Plant (2021)

How and when to propagate new growth in snake plant? Well, the answer for the how is depend on the method you use. Keep reading in order to know when is the perfect time to propagate your snake plant.

Propagating Snake Plants In Water

Here is a simple method of propagating Sansevieria leaf cuttings in water. Take a healthy Snake plant leaf and cut it near its base. Make an upside-down V cut at the bottom of the leaf, and place it in a clean jar of water. Water levels should be a little higher than the V-cut. This technique helps to lift most of the cut surface because roots grow from the cut tissue. The roots will begin to grow from the bottom of the leaf cuttings within three to five weeks. It will be another two to three weeks before tiny pups start growing. It’s okay to transplant the cuttings in soil or just to let them grow in water.

The pros of propagating snake plants in water:

  • It is an easy method to follow. It’s a delight to watch roots and pups grow from cuttings. Those who like to propagate and grow plants in water will love growing Sansevierias in water. 
  • Several showy varieties of Sansevieria, such as “Moonshine” with dark margins, or “Laurentii” and “Gold Flame” with yellow stripes, will lose the color of the margins when propagated from leaf cuttings.
  • Propagation by division is the only way to maintain the unique traits of the original variety.

How To Propagate Sansevieria Leaf Cuttings In Soil

Using a knife, cut a leaf at its base and let it dry and heal for 1-2 days. Transplant the cuttings into potting soil. Water well and let drain. Don’t let the soil get too dry or too wet. Soggy soil can make the cuttings rot. Once every one to two weeks, check the soil and water if the top 2 inches of soil feel dry. These leaf cuttings will also root and grow pups, which will become new plants, just like the cuttings in water. They take only a bit longer to root than the cuttings in water.

The pros of propagating snake plants in soil:

  • There is only one step to this method. Plant several cuttings in the same pot, and you’ll have an instant plant! Mixing different varieties in one pot is my favorite. It looks like they are living sculptures.
  • Same as propagating leaf cuttings in water, the cuttings in soil may not grow true to the original plants if they have variegated margins or stripes.

How To propagate Snake Plant By Division

Another answer to how and when to propagate new growth in snake plant is by division. The division of plants in horticulture and gardening refers to the act of breaking up clumps of roots into two or more parts. It is important to keep both the root and the crown of each part intact. Plants should be removed from pots or dug up from the soil. The roots should be divided using a clean and sharp knife or scissors. The divisions should have roots and some leaves or pups attached. You can plant the divided clumps in a new pot or outside. By using this method, your plants have more room for new growth.

The pros of propagating snake plants by division:

  • This method is useful for maintaining exact clones of the mother plants, especially those with colorful margins.

How Long Does It Take?

A snake plant propagates in 1 to 3 months, according to my experience. Rooting a snake plant in water or LECA is a long process. Since I have been having difficulty propagating snake plants in water lately, I have switched to LECA to prevent cutting rot. Propagation of cuttings in soil also takes time. It takes about the same amount of time, but it seems like it takes longer because you cannot see anything happening! Water or LECA allows you to see the roots begin to sprout, which is motivating. On the other hand, when you plant the cuttings in soil, you have to wait for its roots to sprout and for the new babies to grow.

Snake plants are easy to propagate for division, you just need to cut the babies off from their mother plants and plant them. Since snake plants are generally slow-growing, it is necessary to wait until the baby plants are mature enough to be cut off from the mother plant.

When To Propagate?

It takes far longer for any plant to propagate in the winter, though. Including snake plants. So, when to propagate new growth in snake plant? Snake plants grow pretty quickly in spring and summer, especially in the right growing conditions. There is no better time to propagate these plants than during this season.

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