Why Have a Snake Plant in Your Office Desk? Here are 9 Reasons Why!

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Snake Plant Best as Desk Plants? Why?

In contrast to many houseplants, Sansevieria can live a long, healthy life without having to be cared for every day. Its evergreen leaves can give your office a modern and classy look.

They are unique and give off an architectural look. They are good in pots on the ground or on shelves if shorter. They can make a great contrast due to their variations in height and shape.

Here are some reasons why!

Easy to Care

Most plants can survive almost any condition. Many people are busy doing daily work in his or her office, which makes it almost impossible to take care of a plant in the office. Not to mention, no one wants to stay in his office extra hours just to take care of a plant.

Anybody will feel better around a beautiful fresh plant. If you don’t have time for gardening, are on the go a lot, or need to keep your plant safe while you are away for the weekend, the Snake plant is the one for you.

Purify Air

A study on Clean Air, which NASA conducted from the purpose of cleaning the air in space station, demonstrated some fascinating results on how Sansevieria can clean the air. It concluded that some plants are capable of removing toxins from the air.

It can also remove benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and toluene to improve the quality of the air on your office floor. This special function can make you more productive and healthy.

Feng Shui Luck

Sansevieria is also known as the money plant (the other one is Pachira Aquatica, commonly known as the money tree) because of its upward growing leaves. It can bring good energy into your office and bring you good luck. It is believed that Sansevieria brings good luck and money so you’d better have these plants in your office.

Remotely Inexpensive

With the Sansevieria, you will never need to buy another one because it is easy to propagate. You can easily propagate it by cutting its leaves and they do not require fertilizers so they are cheap to keep.

Pighly Pest-Resistant

The only pests that they will get are mealybugs or spider mites in a really poor condition, but that’s not a problem. Therefore, you can expect for the plant not to leave your office filthy or bring desires.

No Fuss Light Requirements

Even though they prefer medium light, Sansevieria can survive either a low or high light. Although it prefers medium light, it can handle a low or high light. Just keep your plant away from direct sun since it can burn easily.

Ideally, the pot should be placed near a north-facing window or a brighter sunny window with a curtain. However, intense sunlight will cause the leaves’ edges to turn yellow.

Flexible Soil Mix

Sansevieria will grow in nearly any kind of soil and nutrients. However, root rot can occur easily in Sansevieria. Therefore it should be planted in fast-draining soil.

The soil pH should be acidic to alkaline. You can use succulent and cactus mix and potting soil. Try a low peat soil that won’t rehydrate.

Minimum Watering

Watering a snake plant is easy. Just be careful not to overdo it. Sansevieria will rot, if you give it too much water. The soil should always be almost completely dry before watering. Water the snake plant every 2-4 weeks.

When the humidity levels are high in your home, you can consider the watering. Sansevieria can live in any humidity level, so it can be kept no matter where you are. You can also leave it alone while you are traveling.

During winter, you should only water your plants once a month. Don’t forget that overwatering is the number one killer of indoor plants. 


You do not need to transplant Sansevierias in short periods. They might even grow better surrounded in a pot as a result of growing. They might break the pot as a result of growing.

You might wonder how powerful the roots and rhizomes of Sansevieria really are. It is suggested that you re-pot the plant every 2-5 years. If it is growing in a low lighted place, it will take about 5-10 years to transplant.


It is easy to maintain Sansevieria If you are experiencing an oppressive atmosphere at your office and want a change of scenery, you might consider re-decorating your office with Sansevieria.

You have many options, but need to choose plants that take little care, can survive in any condition, grow in a classy way, and don’t alter the look in your office.

The Sansevieria is a hardy houseplant that you can take great care of. Just water it once a month and keep it in a medium-light environment. It also purifies the air you breathe, so you can breathe healthier.

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