Why Is My Electric Lawn Mower Smoking? 6 Superb Facts About This Electric Lawn Mower

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Why is my electric lawn mower smoking?

Electric lawn mowers have become a common sight in the front yards of households around the world.

But have you ever wondered why they smoke?

This is what Chris said about his lawn mower trouble,

My Dad and I just purchased a new lawn mower for our front yard.

We have been calling special services to take care of our lawn..,

…but we feel we can save more by buying our own mower.

However, it hadn’t been three months since we started using our lawn mower..,

….but we encountered a problem immediately.

Why is my electric lawn mower smoking?

We were too scared to use it again, so there goes our new lawn mower.

We must wait for the service to come and check it out before using it again.

It’s best you know more about this before you experience what Chris had.

While there are many theories as to why electric lawnmowers smoke,

…we would like to explore a few more reasons. In this blog,

…we also have an article about best quality battery powered lawn mower

…that you might want to read about it.

Electric mowers can produce up to 75 decibels (think washing machine volume), whereas gasoline mowers are quite a bit louder at 95 decibels (motorcycle volume).”


Electric Lawn Mower Use

Electric lawn mowers are a great alternative…

…for people who don’t want to use a gas-powered lawn mower.

The mower is powered by a rechargeable battery and does not produce any emissions.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Eco-friendly
  • No noise pollution
  • Low maintenance and repair cost
  • Easy to store and transport
  • No oil or gasoline required

Electric lawn mowers are incredibly useful if you have a small to mid-sized yard that you want to keep in top shape.”

Michael Foley, author from Medium.com

Why Is My Electric Lawn Mower Smoking?

Why is my electric lawn mower smoking
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So, why is my electric lawn mower smoking?

If you notice smoke or a burning odor coming from your electric lawn mower,…

…it’s time to have it repaired.

Although electric mowers work well most of the time, they occasionally fail.

Finding the source of your mower’s problems and learning how…

…to fix them can help you extend the life of your mower.

We’ll look at the causes and how to fix common electrical problems…

…with electric lawn mowers below.

Here are the most common causes that might trigger burnt smell or smoke…

…from your electric lawn mower.

Here’s the truth.

The Discharge Chute is Clogged with Dirt and Debris

Wet grass can also clog the discharge chute,…

…so use the mulching mode on your mower whenever possible…

…and avoid mowing when the grass is wet.

If you must remove wet clippings, remove the lower baffle…

….of the lawnmower and push the clippings out with a stick.

Use the same method to check for clogs in your grass discharge chute…

…if you have a small lawn that doesn’t require a bag or basket.

The chute directs cut grass downward toward the ground,…

…preventing it from accumulating between your electric mower blades.

Overheating Motor

This could be cause because the motor overheated due simply to use.

The motor may overheat after prolonged mowing, and this would cause smoke.

Also, the motor might be defective or damaged, causing it to smoke every time you mow.

You should also check for debris in the electric mower itself.

If there is debris, remove it–it may have been preventing proper airflow…

…and cooling of the motor during use.

Stuck Grass Clippings

Why is my electric lawn mower smoking 2
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Because of grass clippings stuck to the bottom of the deck,…

…your electric mower is smoking.

If you have a smoking lawn mower that isn’t cleaning the grass properly,..

…grass clippings are most likely accumulating on the mower deck.

To avoid this, clean out the underside of the deck on a regular basis.

To begin, turn off and unplug your lawnmower.

Second, use a wire brush to remove any dried-on grass clumps from beneath the deck.

Then, using a garden hose or pressure washer, clean away any…

…remaining debris from beneath the deck.

If anything remains that will not come off with water,…

…you may need to scrape it away with a putty knife or screwdriver…,

…but be careful not to damage any parts of your mower’s engine!

Finally, before resuming use of your electric mower, ensure that…

…all gaskets are in place and free of clippings.

Following these steps, if you notice a burning smell or smoke coming from…

…anywhere beneath your electric lawnmower while it is in use,…

…follow the directions on how to safely put out both types of fires…

…mentioned above (class C fire extinguisher followed by CO2 extinguisher).

Damaged Belt

The mower’s motor will begin to heat up if the belt is damaged or broken.

As a result, it could start smoking and burning.

Noise as you push the lawn mower, excessive vibration as you cut the grass,..

…and excessive wear on other parts of the mower are all signs that the belt is damaged.

If your lawn mower has any of these problems,…

…you should inspect and replace the belt as soon as possible.

First, clear any debris from the attachment plate under your lawnmower.

Check that all bolts are securely fastened before removing them from the attachment plate.

After that, use a wrench to loosen and remove any hangers from the underside…

…of the attachment plate to avoid damaging them when removing it from your machine.

Before removing old belts, carefully inspect both sides for cracks or fraying…

…(you can also see if there is damage by pressing down on each side with your hand).

If it does not feel firm enough or has cracks in it,

What to Do When There are Burnt Smells and Smoke

Why is my electric lawn mower smoking 3
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A burning odor or smoke from your electric lawn mower can be extremely frightening.

The first step is remaining calm because panicking will only worsen matters.

Before attempting any repairs or maintenance on a smoking mower,

…turn it off immediately and unplug it or remove its battery.

Under no circumstances should you use an electric lawn mower that emits smoke.

You should also avoid touching the machine’s spark plug wire until…

…you are certain that no power is still flowing to it, as this could result in an electrical shock.

The following step is to visually inspect your electric lawn mower and identify…

…the source of the smoke.

Excess material is commonly accumulated under your machine’s deck,…

…between hose clamps or brackets beneath where grass clippings accumulate during operation.

If you are unfamiliar with operating your electric lawn mower correctly..,

…do not attempt to clean out these areas yourself.

This could result in injury or damage.

Schedule a tune-up appointment with a local repair shop that repairs…

…electric lawn equipment so that any blockages under your machine’s deck can be safely removed.

Check for loose wiring and tighten accordingly with a screwdriver set…

…designed for small hardware work on electronics such as power tools…

…and appliances after locating and removing any debris from beneath your deck.

If tightening wires does not solve the problem of excessive heat…

…in your machine’s motor housing area…

…(visible through cracks around screws on top of housing),..

…use pliers to gently pull off its spark plug wire so you can inspect it…

…without accidentally shocking yourself by touching its exposed connector clip…

…while connected to a live circuit within the motor housing itself…

…(the part between two large plastic wheels).

Replace old corroded wires as needed with new parts purchased from a nearby auto parts store.

Consideration Before Buy

However, there are some things you should know before buying an electric lawn mower such as:

Battery life

There are different types of batteries used in electric lawn mowers.

Most can run up to 2 hours on a single charge. However,

…if your battery runs out mid-way through mowing your yard, it will need to be charged again.

This could take several hours depending on how long your mower was running when the battery ran out.

Mow height

The height at which the mower cuts depends on the type of grass.

Some mowers cut low while others cut high. If you have tall grass,

…make sure that your mower is capable of cutting them properly.

Power requirements

It’s important to select a model with enough power to do the job.

This means choosing a power level between 50 watts and 150 watts.

Also, choose one with multiple batteries for extra working time.


The price range also varies greatly.

You may find cheap models but they might not last more than a few months.

It would be best to get something that lasts longer…

…and has better quality materials to avoid wasting money.


While most electric lawn mowers are safe,

…it’s still good to check about safety features that come along with every model.

For example, how many blades?

Is it equipped with a guard to prevent hands or feet from getting injured?

Does it have a light so you can see where you’re going?

Recommended Electric Lawn Mower that Are Strong and Is Sturdy For Long Hours of Work

Sum Up

Rather than panicking, what you need to do is turn of your lawn mower and let it cool down.

Then, you can start inspecting the problem.

If you’re unsure about how to fix your electric lawn mower,

It’s best to call professional services to help you.


Have you ever experienced any trouble with your electric lawn mower?

Share with us your story if you have.

Also tell us what did you do to fix them, so we can share them with other readers.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

Frequently Asked Questions Around a Smoking Lown Mower

How to Prevent My Electric Lawn Mower Smoking?

Simply by not overworking them under the brightest ray of sun.

Electricity tend to overheat quicker under the sun, like we have a sunburn on our shoulders.

Use the Lawn Mower in the morning or in the evening before the sunset is the best option..

..to keep you from questioning why my electric lawn mower smoking.

How long will an electric lawn mower work?

Electric mower efficiency depends on several factors including how old the machine is,

…what type of grass it’s cutting and the quality of the blades.

A high quality, the new blade should cut through the grass faster…

…so you may need to change them less frequently.

If the blades are worn down, the efficiency will decrease over time…

…so you’ll need to change them more often.

How often you should replace your blades depends on your experience with other brands.

The brand has been around for 40 years…

…and there aren’t as many complaints about this particular manufacturer as there are for some others.

As with most things, if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions properly,

…you shouldn’t have any problems with this brand.

Why choose an electric lawn mower?

It is easy to maintain. It doesn’t require oil or gasoline which makes it safer and saves money.

You do not have to worry about running out of fuel.

You won’t be able to run it when the weather is bad because it uses electricity.

You can control the speed of the motor.

Since it does not use gas, it requires no lubrication. Most of all, it is eco friendly.

There are no harmful fumes.

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