Amazing Tips to Decorating With Houseplants! Ssst..You Can Use Snake Plant! (2021)

Here are some of our favorite low-maintenance decorating with houseplant displays, as well as some recommendations on how to keep them healthy. These are simple ideas that even novice plant parents can pull off, from spruced-up store flowers to an exquisite display of succulents. It’s considerably easier than you might think to incorporate an indoor garden into your house.

Decorating with Houseplants; Create a Curtain of Plants

Designer Mandi Gubler of Vintage Revivals provided some seclusion to this bedroom window by dangling a variety of plants and arranging them for maximum sunlight. Choose low-maintenance trailing plants, such as pothos, and place them in hanging pots at varied heights to achieve the aesthetic. This can be your inspiration to decorating with houseplants.

Pothos can thrive in full sun or partial shade, making it an excellent choice for bright windows as well as those that receive indirect light. Allow the soil to dry between applications.

Decorating With Houseplant; Take Plant To New Height

A large indoor tree makes a statement, but it may also be difficult to maintain (not to mention, expensive to buy). Another alternative is to get a medium-sized, easy-to-care-for plant, such as a rubber plant, and elevate it with a fashionable plant stand.

Set your rubber plant in a location where it will receive bright, indirect light. During the growing season, water it once a week to keep the soil moist. Use a moist towel to lightly dust the leaves as needed.

Decorating With Houseplant; Style a Shelfie

Allow a set of bookshelves that receives at least some sunlight in your home to become your new favorite plant display. Ivy and other trailing plants give a striking effect. You can guide the tendrils to grow along the shelves, stretch all the way to the floor, or be as short as you choose.

English ivy prefers bright, indirect light to thrive. Plant in a drainage-friendly pot and water on a regular basis. During the growing season, fertilize ivy once a month.

Decorating With Houseplants: Dress Up House Plant

African violets should be planted in a broad, shallow ceramic container with drainage holes. These beautiful purple blossoms can be found in plant nurseries and even in supermarkets. To provide a comfortable atmosphere and to help keep in moisture, cover the rest of the pot with sheet moss (available at nurseries). These flowers will bloom inside for the majority of the year if properly cared for.

Morning light should be used. Protect yourself from the hot midday sun. Lift the moss to allow water to sink into the soil. Keep the soil moist at all times, but avoid wetting the leaves.

Decorating With Houseplants; Stage a still life

A collection of mini cacti and succulents looks like intricate miniature sculptures. Round, pointy, shiny, and matte plants should be combined with pots in a cohesive color palette.

If possible, place plants near a windowsill or in direct sunlight. Between waterings, allow the soil to dry thoroughly.

Decorating With Snake Plant; Shower Plant

A phalaenopsis orchid can be compared as a long-lasting bouquet: It’s beautiful for about a month, then the blooms go away. Phalaenopsis are light and humidity lovers, so they thrive in a bright bathroom. They can be difficult to maintain hydrated because they are potted in a fast-draining medium (a mix of peat, charcoal, and bark). Water leaks out the bottom quickly. Set the pot on gravel in a low glass cylinder to trap moisture; as water evaporates, the glass will catch it and the orchid will absorb it. Only a few of the lowest flowers open on a plant with brilliant, lustrous, sturdy (not droopy) foliage.

Morning light should be used. Protect yourself from the hot midday sun. Allow the top to rest.

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