10 Best Office Plants to Lift Your Mood (2021)

It is rare for offices to be attractively decorated. You can add a couple of plants to your office to add a little color and create a focal point.  You should choose office houseplants that require little maintenance.

10 Best Office Plants

Furthermore, plants can have other benefits beyond beautifying your office.  There is a lot of furniture and heavy traffic in the office building, so the air quality is not very good. Dust from electronics, such as computers, is circulating in the air that could be harmful to our health.  Plants purify the air and make it easier for us to breathe.  Additionally, they increase the humidity in the air.

Devil’s Ivy

This plant is very popular in offices. Its exuberant vines and oily green leaves are visually appealing.  When you look at it, it will soothe your tired eyes.  Researches show that it can rival the effectiveness of an air purifier in an 80-100 square foot room.  As well as benzene and formaldehyde, it can also absorb other harmful contaminants in the air.  It can be grown in soil or in a vase of water.  The plant can grow in a wide range of conditions, but it does better with good lighting.  When it is planted in soil, the soil should be moist, and when it is grown in water, the water should be changed weekly.

Spider Plant

It is also known as an airplane plant and is a perennial herb.  With slender leaves that curve inward, it has delicately hanging branches.  You can find small white flowers at the knobs of the low hanging branches.  Summer is the season when they bloom.  This plant can be grown in soil or water, and it is easy to grow.  It is also excellent at purifying the air.  They are very effective at absorbing formaldehyde.  In direct sunlight, however, the leaves will be sunburned.  You should spray water on the leaves and branches in the office if the air is dry.  To prevent the leaves from drying out, you should also duct them.

English Ivy Plant

It is a perennial evergreen that likes to climb.  With its widely spreading vines and vibrant leaves, it is ideal for vertical landscaping.  Different species have different shapes and colors of leaves.  It is most common to find English Ivy plants.  The leaves are great at absorbing formaldehyde and research reveals that they can absorb 1.48 mg per 10 square feet of leaves.  By capturing dust and taking in other harmful substances, it can also purify the air.  An environment that is warm and moist is necessary for this.  It requires partial shade or scattered sunlight.  Water only when the top layer of soil is dry.

Snake Plant

The leaves of this plant are variegated dark green with gray-green stripes.  As a result of its adsorption of hazardous substances, such as formaldehyde, it is also used for air purification.  Snake plant is easy to grow and requires a warm, moist environment with good drainage.  

Aloe Vera

The plant is not only good for the office but also for its beauty and medicinal benefits.  It has sword-shaped leaves with small teeth along the edge.  As an air purifier, it continuously absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen.  It is also effective at absorbing xylene and formaldehyde.  You can use the gel to relieve burns from hot coffee if you spill it on your hand.  They need sandy soil that drains well and has gentle sunlight.

Coin Grass

After spending a long time squinting at the computer, you will benefit from the soothing effect of this plant.  It has round leaves that resemble coins, and its dense leaves create an umbrella-like appearance that is mesmerizing. By increasing the humidity, you will also be able to reduce stress and refresh the air.  It prefers gentle full sunlight and can be grown in water or soil.

Lucky Bamboo

Your eye is sure to be comforted and your workplace will be refreshed by the beautiful green leaves and stems.


By absorbing harmful substances like formaldehyde and releasing oxygen into the air, this plant will assist in cleaning the air.  The leaves are shaped like tortoise shells, and the stems are delicate.  It prefers a warm, humid environment and cannot tolerate strong sunlight.

Bamboo Palm

The foliage of this plant is evergreen and grows in dense clusters with multiple stems.  With palmate leaves and bamboo-like trunks, it looks like a palm tree.  It requires little light.  As a result of the large leaves, the indoor air is purified.  Carbon dioxide is taken in and oxygen is released.  In addition, it can reduce harmful substances in the air.

Peace Lily

This plant has short stems, flame-like flowers, and long oval-shaped dark green leaves.  Certain air contaminants such as formaldehyde and benzene can be filtered by it.  As well as humidifying the air, it will also help reduce odors.  The plant also prevents nasal mucosa from becoming too dry.  They prefer sandy soil and good drainage with scattered sunshine.  Make sure the soil remains moist, as it needs high humidity.  Spray water on its leaves as well to help improve the surrounding moisture.

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