A Must-Read Architraves Guide for Beginners, Amazing Tips You Should Know (2022)

An architrave is the interior molding applied around a window, door, or other types of opening in your house. An ‘architrave’ is a horizontal beam supported by two vertical columns in classical architecture. Architraves, often known as ‘trims’ or ‘casings,’ serve both utilitarian and decorative purposes. Without architraves, windows and doors might appear boring, stark, and exposed. They may appear to lack something, even if you cannot identify it.

What materials are used in making Architraves?

Most houses will have an architrave constructed using one of three materials: MDF, softwood, or hardwood. Each of the above materials has unique properties, and selecting one over another will rely on the style you want to achieve. For example, some people consider pine an old-fashioned material, while MDF is too modern and inappropriate in the home they fit in.

If you intend to stain the architrave, choose high-quality hardwoods or softwoods to obtain the desired finish. MDF architrave is an excellent alternative if you want long-lasting boards that you can paint to a high standard to offer you that modern style. If you need advice on what to do, you can reach out to professionals who are always willing to assist you.

Why Use Architrave?

Most individuals get confused as to why skirting board and architrave from MDF Skirting World or other reputable companies are important. The basic answer is that it isn’t compulsory, but there are numerous reasons why you ought to consider employing it in your interior design.

The primary motive is aesthetics and decoration. xAn architrave can be utilized to bring style to a space and is more than a perfect finish. It can truly give character to a space and help establish it as you choose – from different traditional periods to even more contemporary ones.

Furthermore, the joints between a door frame and the wall are frequently ugly, with tiny gaps that can grow in size while shrinkage occurs. Architraves can conceal these types of gaps and where the wall touches the ceiling around an entrance.

Any outdoor corners are also susceptible to knocks, bumps, kicks, and scrapes, and solid architrave can handle these considerably better than bare plaster, which can easily get chipped and scratched.

How to Utilize Architraves as a Decorative Addition

When employing a skirting board and architrave from MDF Skirting World or other sources as a decorative feature, it’s crucial to pick a design that blends in with your home’s other elements, especially other molding types like chair rails, cornices, skirting, and crown moldings.

Suppose you’re employing one of the many beautiful varieties of timber, like Tasmanian oak, Western red cedar, or Victorian ash. In that case, you can opt to paint the architrave molding or stain it. Staining the wood can truly bring out its beauty and help the architraves stand out.

Painting the architraves gives you virtually endless color options that can either contrast or enhance the other colors you’re utilizing in your house.

You must be clear about your interior design objectives, spending limit, and the size or complexity of the project before picking architraves. You also need to contact professionals for the task to guarantee the work is completed correctly and per your preferences.

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