How to Plant Succulent – Best 3 Succulent Pot Recommendation on Amazon!

If you want an easy or small plant, you can try succulent. But how to plant succulent?

Planting with care is essential for growing healthy and beautiful green houses.

Growing a garden outdoors, or even in pots on the balcony can be very relaxing…

…but if you live alone it’s difficult finding someone who will take time…

…off their busy schedule just so they could water your houseplants every day!

A greenhouse provides an opportunity where we are able relax our gardening knowledge…

…because there’s no risk of getting sick from any nasty diseases…

…that may have been out during winter season.

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Before we talk about how to plant succulent…

Let’s start from the basic…

What is Succulent

Succulents are a group of plants that can be propagated from corms.

Corm means ‘heart’ in Spanish the part where new growth emerges…

…after dormancy and before flowering or fruiting begins, hence heart shaped stems….

…with fleshy tips called thorns (technically not true) look quite similar…

…to hearts which makes it easy for someone unfamiliar with this plant type…

…to assume they’re related! It’s one thing I have never understood…

…why some people call them “cactus” because although you could put…

…an umbrella over most types of these as if its made out like hard thick skin…

…on their stem/leaf-tips there isn’t really any need.

These include aloe vera but also euphorbia species such as Euphorbias Oasis, Euphobasilis Aloes.

Keep going!

How to plant succulent: Drainage for Your Succulent Plants

Your succulents need drainage if they are in the garden or on a windowsill.

If you have several plants, try using different containers to give them all…

…some proper space from each other so that there is no chance of water…

…pooling around any one plant and then it’s too wet when another needs watering also.

You can use old paint tins which come with lids but these will not work well…

…because your roots might get stuck inside as time goes by!

Glass pots would be ideal – just remember though before planting…

…put down small stones at least 2cm apart the size depends upon…

…how much potting mix has been used) under where ever your new growing container sits…

this way should help prevent root rot whilst still allowing good air circulation…

Water thoroughly after doing anything like adding fertilizer etc.

Drainage holes help succulents stay healthy by allowing excess water to drain out of pots.

A pot without drainage holes could lead to root rot or death.

Succulents need more than enough water to survive but not too much.

Succulents need to be watered carefully, and not too often.

A pot with drainage holes works better than a non-draining container.

Watering your succulents should be done regularly.

Make sure to use a porous succulent soil, and never let them sit in water.

This will ensure that they do not rot.

How to plant succulent: Best Materials Used for Succulent Planters

Succulents are often referred to as a group of plants that look like cacti.

These succulent’s leaves and stems can be found in many colors, shapes (including round)…

…sizes, textures etc., which allow them not only the ability to fit any space but also…

…have an amazing way with color when planted together!

There is one thing holding these beautiful green beauties back from their full potential…

…they don’t do very well growing on wood-based structures or artificial materials such as plexiglass.

It doesn’t matter what type of structure your plant container will sit…

…on you need it made out of quality material so its roots may grow strong…

…enough to withstand all kinds weather conditions while still providing protection…

…against pests if needed; something porous plastic won’t provide…

…even though most people think otherwise.

Succulents need to breathe, so you should use pots made of clay or ceramic.

Clay pots are better than plastic because they let air flow around the plants.

Ceramic pots are better than clay pots because they won’t absorb moisture.

There’s plenty of beautiful ceramic terra cotta pots out there…

…but you should be able to get one that you love!

Now you already have insight how to plant succulent…

You need the best succulent pot…

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How to plant succulent: Size of Your Pot Matters

Succulents need lots of space to grow. A pot that is too large…

…will prevent them from growing as much as possible.

Small pots encourage plants to grow upwards…

…whereas larger pots allow for more root development and growth.

This means that smaller pots are better for succulents than larger ones.

Succulents need less soil than other plants because of how much water they absorb.

Smaller pots retain more water. Water retention helps prevent root rot.

Plants should be kept away from direct sunlight or heat.

If a plant is sickly, check out our article on why your succulent is dying.

How to plant succulent: Repotting Succulents

Succulents need a lot of space to grow. When you put them in a smaller pot…

…they may be stunted. You should repot them into a larger pot. This soil is perfect for succulents.

Succulents should be planted into pots about twice per year.

When repotting, wait a few days after planting to allow them…

…to get used to their new environment. Choose the right size pot for your plants.

Succulents need different amounts of sunlight depending on what kind they are.

Some require full sun while others prefer shade.

Looking for best soil for succulent? Check out our article about it!

And, finally…

Sum Up

Drainage holes help prevent roots from rotting and dying.

Succulents need to be watered regularly but not too often…

…because over-watering causes them to suffer from root rot and other problems.

Succulents need to be watered carefully, as too much water can cause them to die.

Watering should be done sparingly, and the containers should be drained well before watering again.

Succulents need to be watered regularly. When you use a container…

…without proper drainage or soil, always steer on the under-watering side.

Try planting your succulents in soil similar to this so they won’t rot.


That’s all for how to plant succulent..

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