The 3 Best New Snow Melting Cables for Winter

Winter is almost coming!

Maybe you are considering buying a new snow melting cable.

We have a recommendation for you.

Why do you need a new snow melting cable?

New snow melting cable 1
New Snow Melting Cable

Think about it…

You will love not having to shovel your driveway throughout the winter…

…once you install the new snow melting cable system.

The snow and ice melt without your assistance…

…because the asphalt, concrete, or paver surface absorbs the heat…

…from the heating element that melts snow and ice below.

Take the time to read this article and you will understand the features of the product…

…if you want to minimize the amount of ice and snow on your walk this winter…

…but aren’t sure which snow-melting cable system is suitable for you.

Read this story from Jaden first…

I added 180 feet of heat cable to the ornamental pour…

…when we poured the new front patio and the walkway…

…from the front door to the driveway, and I’m very glad I did.

Shoveling here would damage the costly concrete pour,…

…but it has avoided the nearly three feet of snow that have accumulated this year.

It works beautifully even though I have to manually switch it on and off;…

…it warms the walk up so good that the water pours off and evaporates,…

…although it has been rather cold.

Check this out!

New Snow Melting Cable on Amazon

We introduce…

WarmlyYours Electric Snow Melting Cable

New snow melting cable
The New Snow Melting Cable 1



The 32 sq. ft. of coverage offered by WarmlyYours Electric Radiant Snow Melting Mats…

…allows you to remove snow and ice where you need it most…

…without endangering your landscape or decorative surfaces.


These practical mats require only 6.25 amps from 140 volts…

…and are simple to place in mortar, concrete, or asphalt beneath pavers.

They also come with 20 feet (6 meters) of 14 AWG cold lead…

…so that you can customize your installation to your specific needs.

Automatic or manual control

Obtainable with a variety of control types (sold separately).

The controls can be programmed to run on a timed or exclusively in certain weather situations.


WarmlyYours Electric Radiant Snow Melting Mats come with 20 foot (6 meters)…

…of 14 AWG cold lead to accommodate the requirements of your installation…

…and are CSA certified for outdoor use in Canada and the United States.

The next new snow melting cable product…

SNOWMELTZ 50 Square Foot Snow Melting System

New snow melting cable 2
The New Snow Melting Cable 2
  • 50 square foot snow melting mat package with activator and jumper kit.
  • 37 W/Sq Ft – 8 A @ 240 VAC
  • Simple roll-out mat that can be shaped into a variety of shapes.
  • With a temperature and moisture sensor, the automatic activator switches up to 30 amps.
  • US & Canadian ETL Listed.

The last product is…

Suntouch ProMelt Snow Melting Cable

New snow melting cable 3
The New Snow Melting Cable 3

The heating wires from ProMelt are made to last.

They are constructed with low-oxygen copper alloy components,…

…high-temperature ETFE insulation, and an incredibly strong polyurethane outer jacket…

…for use in harsh worksite conditions.

You’ll save time by using ProMelt mats.

ProMeltcables are less expensive than mats and could function better for unconventional configurations.


  • Coverage (Sq Ft.): 14
  • 3.4 amp
  • 208v
  • Snow Melt
  • Electric Radiant Type

So, do you want to buy one of them?


Are you sick of clearing your driveway of snow?

If so, it might be time to purchase new snow melting cable system in the driveway.

You know what…

A wonderful strategy to reduce the danger of harm during the winter is to get a new snow melting cable.

Snow melting cables are only one way to deal with snow;…

…there are also snow blowers or use the heated snow melting mats.

Thanks for reading this article.

Don’t hesitate to tell us your problem in the comment section.

Welcome, winter. Your late dawns and chilled breath make me lazy, but I love you nonetheless.

Terri Guillemets

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