Beautiful Succulents Idea For East Facing Windows (2021)

East Facing Windows? What Makes Different?

Succulent plants cultivated inside a housing benefit from light from east facing windows. During the morning and afternoon hours, the plants are also exposed to indirect sunlight through the windows. Due to excessive moisture on the surface and insufficient or no sunlight, windows are in great demand throughout the winter season. Consider choosing the greatest succulent plants that will thrive in your home when placing them indoors. Also, make sure that your east facing window lets light in during the morning and afternoon. After your plants have absorbed enough light, shade them by removing them from the afternoon sunshine. Let’s break one by one!

Chocolate Soldier Plant

The panda plant is another name for the chocolate soldier plant. The plants have adaptable characteristics that allow them to thrive in a dry environment. Furthermore, the plants can thrive indoors when exposed to the light from the east facing windows. Thick leaves that store water for a long period and are employed to preserve the plant from withering and falling off during dry conditions are among the adaptive traits. In addition, the leaves of chocolate soldier plants are covered in fur to prevent excessive moisture evaporation during hot weather.

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Fur-like features also don’t absorb a lot of heat, so they bounce it back when it reaches the leaf surfaces, keeping the leaves from losing too much water. In order to develop and thrive in the interior setting, the plants require low light. They may use light from east facing windows because of their adaptive feature of utilising low light.

Snake Plant

This indoor succulent plant, sometimes known as a snake plant, is highly regarded for its ability to purify the air. The plant collects hazardous chemicals like benzene from the air and emits steady amounts of oxygen into the environment in exchange. Adaptive properties of the plant allow it to thrive in dry environments, particularly the indoor environment. They have huge leaves with a splashy appearance, for example, which provides the plant a lovely aspect that attracts houseguests.

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Furthermore, when the plants are exposed to indirect sunlight through East-facing windows, they develop white-green blooms, which improve the aesthetic of your space and boost attention after touching them. Furthermore, the plant leaves give the surroundings with fresh air.

Aloe Vera

The most popular succulent plant for indoor cultivation and upkeep is Aloe Vera. Because the plants have adapted traits that assist them survive in a dry and harsh climate, they require less upkeep. Aloe Vera plants, for example, offer lovely leaves that enhance the overall aesthetic of your area. Second, the Aloe Vera plant cannot survive without indirect sunlight. They are suitable for places with east facing windows due to their attribute of using low light. Rooms and bathrooms with east-facing windows, for example, receive indirect sunshine in the morning and afternoon. The plants are able to absorb enough light to survive in the indoor environment.

Crown Of The Throne

When crown of thorn plants are exposed to indirect sunlight through an east-facing window, they produce pinkish, red, and yellow flowers that enhance the room’s interior décor. They thrive in spaces with east facing windows, such as offices, bathrooms, and even your own home rooms, because they require very little light to survive. To prevent excessive water loss when exposed to too much light, the succulent plant possesses sharp black thorns. When handled properly, the thorns have health benefits. When handled without suitable and protective clothes, such as gloves, gumboots, and full-sleeve shirts, they can cause skin irritation and irritate the eyes.

Wrap Things Up

Succulents can grow almost anyplace as long as there is enough light. Because the plants may get morning sun, east facing windows are recommended over other windows. Finally, rotate the plants in the morning and afternoon to ensure they get enough light.

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