Suncast Trash Can Storage Shed: 5 Best Tips for Site Preparation and Construction

Looking for a sturdy, functional Suncast Trash Can Storage Shed? In that case, you should read this blog post!

It is important to store the trash can in the correct place, such as in a storage shed, so that bears can’t mess with your trash can.

Suncast trash can storage shed

With durable, fashionable, and practical storage options created for all types of spaces and homes, Suncast helps you realize your vision. Suncast products such as the Suncast Storage Shed 70 cu ft or Suncast BMS4700 will help you secure your trash can.

We will go over the planning and building of a Suncast trash can storage shed in it, as well as offer advice on how to make the project successful.

By using the advice in this article, you may build a solid and dependable garbage can storage shed that will fulfill your demands. Before you continue reading, you can check out the Best Suncast Outdoor Garbage Can Storage on our blog.

Preparation & Construction of Suncast Trash Can Storage Shed

You can arrange all of your waste in one location and declutter your yard by building a Suncast trash can storage shed. Here are some pointers to speed up the procedure:

  • Using pegs and levelers, mark out each panel of your shed, then begin building by setting up the panels one at a time in accordance with your designs.
  • Make sure the location is flat and risk-free.
  • Put fresh gravel or crushed stone on the ground after removing any vegetation or rubbish.
  • To ensure that your shed is built correctly and lives up to your expectations, carefully follow the detailed instructions that are included with it.

Consult your local authorities

Consult your local authorities about construction codes and covenants before starting on a foundation or building a shed. As a result, the land will be flat, plowed, and properly prepared.

Check with local utilities to determine the location

To prevent any potential delays or inconveniences, it is crucial to contact the local utilities before starting any construction. By doing this, you will avoid any unanticipated mishaps and guarantee that the project runs without a hitch from beginning to end.

Decide which type of foundation

There are primarily two foundation types to choose from: concrete or timber. The final decision you make will be based on the particular requirements of your property and the surroundings in which it is situated.

For a smaller shed that is regularly moved, wooden foundations are the best choice because they are more flexible and portable. However, because of their narrow design, they can only support a lighter weight load.

Concrete foundations, on the other hand, are more durable and last longer, but they are typically heavier and require longer to install.

Prepare the building site

A construction site needs to be adequately prepared before work can begin. Use a shovel or bulldozer to ensure the space is clear of obstacles and flat. Simply follow these guidelines to use Suncast products to ease your building process!

  • To provide drainage, the earth should slope away from the foundation area.
  • The surface of the foundation must be level and flat.
  • A vapor barrier should be installed to stop the shed from condensing too much.
  • To create a suitable vapor barrier, according to local construction codes.

Anchoring the shed to the foundation

One of the most crucial components of creating the shed is anchoring it to the foundation. It guarantees that your structure won’t move and will endure for many years. Following these four simple actions can help you:

  • Ask your neighborhood merchant for advice on the best anchoring technique for your specific installation.
  • Masonry fasteners, which are available at your neighborhood hardware store, can be used to anchor the shed to a concrete slab.
  • Use 1/4″ lag screws with washers that are 3″ long to attach the hut to a wooden platform.


A terrific method to arrange all of your outside equipment, including your garden tools and patio furniture, is with a Suncast garbage can storage shed. The storage shed may be put together in a matter of hours, and the project is simple to finish.

To get the most out of your Suncast garbage can storage shed, be sure to read our preparation and construction guidelines before starting.

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