Attention, Office Workers. Here Are The Best Plants For Office Or Desk! (2021)

It is a real deprivation for those who love the outdoors to arrive at work before sunrise and leave at dusk. Plants could serve as that missing link for improving productivity and satisfaction at work that a light box or lamp cannot offer. The humidity around an office desk can be increased, toxins can be removed, and your office will look classy with plants. We know that you also concern about this, that is why we are here to assist you to choose the best plants for office or desk.

Snake Plant

This king is the first on the list of the best plants for office or desk. Sansevieria, also known as the snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue, is a tough plant that can grow until its owner retires. Snake plants vary in size. Choose a plant that does not grow several feet tall by reading the label carefully. Consider a dwarf snake plant like ‘Futura Superba’ or ‘Whitney.’ Snake plants require little care. Just give it a drink of water from your water bottle on the way out the door on Friday and enjoy it.

African Violets

Despite its cult following, the fuzzy-leafed African violet plant of the 1970s thrives in the same humidity and temperatures as humans. Even though African violets require sufficient light to bloom, fluorescent lamps aimed at the plant are acceptable sources of illumination. If you place this plant in direct sunlight, avoid placing it in a window facing west or south. 

English Ivy

Adding a trailing plant such as English ivy to a desk will soften its lines. To grow indoors, ivy needs medium light and medium water. Wrap ivy tendrils around a trellis or wire obelisk if the trailing nature of ivy becomes too exuberant. Newer cultivars of Hedera helix offer more variety than classic varieties although any variety is considered good. ‘Silver Dollar’ and ‘Yellow Ripple’ are grey or gold variegated. You can grow dwarf varieties such as ‘Pixie Dixie’ in small spaces. You can also have fancy foliage by selecting ‘Curly Locks’ or ‘Manda’s Crested’.

ZZ Plant

In addition to being a succulent and tolerant of low light, the ZZ plant can grow with almost no water needed, making it a popular houseplant and the best plants for office or desk. As long as fluorescent bulbs are the only light source, the ZZ plant will do just fine. Laddered leaves of a ZZ plant are a welcome addition to an office, but the new ‘Raven’ cultivar’s leaf and stem color contrast beautifully against a white background.

Aloe Plants

Aloe plants grow easily with the help of one essential ingredient: lots of bright light. Put the plant on a desk near a sunny window, and forget about it. These succulents only need to be watered every few weeks. Aloe barbadensis is an attractive and useful plant for any modern desk; you can also experiment with dwarf varieties like ‘Minibelle’ or the spiky ‘Tiger Tooth’ which only appears to have sharp teeth. You should grow them in a cactus mix that has sand to ensure their drainage needs are met.


The last but not least on the list of the best plants for office or desk, is the philodendron.The glossy green leaves of the philodendron will make a cozy corner or an open office more cheerful with their trailing habit and abundant light. Philodendrons are often grown in hanging baskets, but they also grow well on small trellises and totem poles. Self-watering pots can be lifesavers for specimens without a regular caretaker because philodendrons require regular moisture to maintain their lush appearance. Plant ‘Brandi’ along with a standard green variety like ‘Green Heartleaf’ in a container for an attractive container combination.

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