3 Best Storage Sheds on Amazon for Your Backyard!

We’re going to review some of the best storage sheds on Amazon today.

After all, nobody wants their garage to overflow.

You will have to move something if you want to park your car…

…in a place that was custom built for this purpose.

Maybe you’re just storing your lawnmower, some gardening tools, and some extra bags of compost.

The pile of bikes that your kids use every day may also be there.

Maybe you are even thinking about building a man cave or she-shed in your backyard.

Regardless of the reason, you’ll want a quality shed. We’ll be glad to assist you!

Here are a few words from Christie…

We bought the shed for three reasons: to use as a good pump house…

as a garden storage shed, and as a structure that could be easily assembled or taken down.

I would like to first point out that both my husband and I have experience with construction projects.

When he was younger, he built homes and structures for a living, which included framing and foundation work.

In addition, we built a level wooden foundation according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

We prepared the site by leveling the ground and adding a layer of crushed stone.

Based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, we built the wooden base after ordering and receiving the kit.

Overall, I think this shed is a great investment!

Now is the time to get started…

What To Consider When Getting A Shed

Best storage sheds on amazon
Credits: amazon.com

It’s important to consider a lot of things before you build an outdoor storage shed, so let’s explore some of them.


The last thing anyone wants is to get a shed and realize it’s too big or too small.

It’s important to plan ahead.

Prepare your shed by deciding what you want to put in it.

Make sure you leave enough space for easy access and unexpected new items in the future.

If you need a combination work/storage space, then you’ll need to determine how much space you need.

Give yourself as much space as you need so you don’t bump into stored objects.

You don’t want to be straddling your lawnmower while you’re using your potting bench!

“When selecting a site for your outdoor storage shed make sure that you account for the space in front of the shed that is required to open the doors. This is especially important if you need to open the doors to their maximum capacity to get large items like riding lawn mowers inside the shed. Some sheds have sliding doors, which may provide an alternative for your space.” 

KATIE BEGLEY – Product Reviewer


Resin, durable plastic, wood, or metal can be used to build outdoor storage sheds.

Portable sheds are sometimes made with flexible tarp materials…

…that can be easily assembled and disassembled.

Selecting a material for your shed should take into account your climate…

…and how much exposure it will receive from the elements.

Depending on the type, some require additional upkeep and maintenance…

…while others require little to no maintenance.

If you don’t take your climate into account when choosing a shed…

…heavy rain can quickly make a mess inside your storage shed.

Make sure the shed has a floor and is elevated.

Your storage shed can also be built on a foundation…

…as long as your yard slopes away from it so that rainwater does not accumulate on the structure.

Having a sloped roof prevents rain and snow from accumulating on top.


The least maintenance option is usually resin.

Choose a product that has been treated to be UV resistant to prevent it from fading quickly.

Steel support beams should be inside large structures to reinforce the roof and other structural elements.

Sheds made of wood offer a more traditional appearance, but may require more maintenance…

…such as paint, stain, or sealant.

While metal options are usually cheaper, they may not last as long as their resin counterparts…

…although they are still durable.

Small storage sheds can be easily moved or even taken up by strong winds in the event of high winds.

A storage shed usually has a wind rating recommendation, so choose one that can stay secure in your area. 

Insulation is sometimes available in sheds.

If you plan on using your shed as a workspace and live in a hot or cold area…

…insulate the structure to keep it comfortable for you…

…and increase the lifespan of the equipment you store within.

Keep reading…


When choosing the features for your shed, you ought to consider the following:

  • Is it completely waterproof?
  • If it has windows, are they fixed or can they be opened to allow ventilation in?
  • Does it have a sturdy door handle and does it lock securely?
  • Does it have a built-in floor or do you need to construct flooring for it?
  • Does the roof slope to allow adequate runoff of water?
  • Does it have one door or a double door?

Building Codes / Zoning

Building a structure may be subject to local building or zoning regulations.

As an example, there may be a limit on how close a shed can be to a fence line.

There may be requirements on the maximum size or appearance…

…as well as placement for homeowner associations.

Before you start your building project, be sure to check for any regulations…

…so you won’t end up fighting fines and fees.


By having a level foundation, you can protect your shed and its contents from the elements…

…preventing moisture from accumulating under the doors and walls.

Some models do not come with floors, so it might also be required.

Most storage sheds will last longer if they have a sturdy foundation.

Compacted dirt can be used as the foundation, gravel can be used as the foundation…

…or you can pour a concrete slab.

Types of Shed Materials

The shed can be made of nearly anything…

…(and I do mean that – I once saw someone using an old VW bus body as a shed! )…

…but most sheds fall into one of the four categories listed here.


Because it looks great and is readily available, wood is one of the most popular shed materials.

Additionally, shelving or insulation can be added if necessary.

Additional space can also be added if necessary! However, there are some drawbacks to this.

The elements can damage untreated wood.

A paint or stain can be applied to reduce the risk of rot or termites, but will also need to be maintained.

Pressure-treated lumber can be used, but still needs to be painted and sealed.

Composites that use resin-injected wood can replicate the appearance of wood while posing fewer risks.

Although they cost more, they provide greater durability than traditional wood.

Durable and doesn’t have to be anchored to the groundProne to insect
Offers great visualNot fire and extreme weather resistant
Easy customization with different styles and sizesCan easily rot with high maintenance cost

Go on…


Resin sheds are also known as plastic sheds, vinyl sheds, or high-density polyethene sheds..,

…depending on where you shop and which manufacturer you choose.

(High-density polyethene is used to make Lifetime sheds.)

Resin sheds are the newest shed type on the market and are quickly…

…becoming the most popular shed choice for a variety of reasons.

Resin sheds are made of high-quality plastic, making them lighter…

…and stronger and more durable than wooden sheds.

Some manufacturers use integrated steel supports and double-wall construction..,

…rather than just a single-wall-resin panel construction, for maximum strength and durability.

Resin sheds require little to no maintenance because…

…they are stain-resistant and UV-protected, so they will not crack, fade..,

..rot, or rust, and they never need painting or stainings like wood or metal sheds.

Resin shed kits come in various sizes, and some manufacturers…

…offer expansion kits to expand the shed’s size options even further.

Resin sheds are by far the simplest to construct.

You can also easily find many cheap resin storage sheds in the market.

These kits are very quick and easy to put together, requiring fewer tools…,

…less time, and less “carpentry knowledge” than a wooden shed.

Resin shed kits are less expensive than wooden shed kits but more costly than metal shed kits.

While resin sheds are extremely durable, they cannot support…

…the same amount of weight hanging from the walls as a wooden shed.

Some resin models, on the other hand, include an overhead loft area…

…that allows you to store more items in the same footprint.

Easy to cleanMust be anchored to the ground
Low maintenance costWalls have limited weight
Not prone to rust, insect, and rot problemsMore expensive compared to metal sheds
Easy assemble


Unlike wood sheds, steel sheds do not require much maintenance.

There are a number of steel shed models available, ready to go – but may require professional installation.

Steel sheds have the disadvantages of sharp edges and summer heat.

Metal sheds often require additional ventilation in the summer to keep cool.

If they are not rounded or covered, corner joints can be hazardous.

The majority of metal sheds do not come with a floor, so you will have to provide one.

Concrete slabs can support your shed for its entire lifetime and handle the metal’s weight.

Low maintenance costMust be anchored to the ground
Durable and strong materialProne to rust
Not prone to insect and rot problemsVery limited style and size choice
Fire resistantHard to move or transport


The last option is vinyl or fabric.

In most cases, temporary or portable sheds are accepted…

…without question by most residential areas where a more rigid steel, wood or resin structure is not.

However, they don’t come without drawbacks.

For example, they are not as good at keeping out the elements.

They also offer little security. This is a great short-term solution.

If you want something that can last all year, something a bit more rigid is recommended.

Easy customization for sun and air levelNot durable enough compared to other materials
Lightweight, easy to transportVulnerable to extreme weather
Very affordableNot fire resistant
Rot resistant

Here’s the main part…

Top 3 Best Storage Sheds on Amazon for Your Backyard

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Let’s go through them one by one…

Keter Newton Resin Storage Shed

Best storage sheds on amazon
Credits: amazon.com

What makes us pick this shed is that it looks fantastic! Other than that it is sturdy and strong as it will stand stall through extreme weather!

A beautifully landscaped yard would look great…

…with the resin material since it resembles wood and would blend seamlessly.

You can’t go wrong with the Keter Newton line if you’re looking for stylish storage.

In addition, it’s built like a tank. The double-walled construction keeps the elements out.

It is reinforced with steel so it will withstand all weather conditions, from high winds to heavy snowfall.

The resin double doors are easy to open and can be locked tightly with the stainless steel bar lock included.

By strategically positioning vents at the roof peak…

…hot air is able to escape freely, reducing internal heat buildup.

During the daytime, natural light is provided by two door windows and a skylight.

A hole can be drilled into the composite material to add shelving or storage hooks for your tools.

Dimensions:External: 89.9″ wide x 138″ deep x 99.4″ tall
Internal: 79″ wide x 40.16″ deep x 97.9″ tall
Assembly Time:1-2 days to assemble shed + foundation construction time
Security/Durability:Lockable, very secure, extremely durable

Next on we have…

Suncast Tremont Storage Shed

Best storage sheds on amazon
Credits: amazon.com

This suncast tremont storage shed is amazing since they are easy to amount. It is also a sturdy shed if you’re asking its durability!

The blow-molded resin construction of this sturdy resin plastic shed provides durability.

The design is simple but appealing, and it’s easy to assemble.

Designed for medium-to-large backyard spaces, its 8′ by 10′ size offers ample storage.

A wood or concrete foundation is ideal – you’ll need to prepare the site ahead of time.

The resin floor’s heavy-duty construction will provide a nice, smooth surface that resists wear and tear.

There are six skylights and windows in each of the doors, allowing plenty of daylight during the day.

A padlock hasp provides additional security.

Assembling requires only a few tools.

With 574 cubic feet of storage space, this unit is a great option for most of your home improvement gear!

Dimensions:Exterior: 8′ wide x 10′ deep x 8.6′ tall
Assembly Time:2-5 hours plus foundation construction time
Security/Durability:Quite durable. Security is good but simple.

Now we have…

Arrow Newburgh Steel Storage Shed

Best storage sheds on amazon
Credits: amazon.com

This one might not look as stylish as our first choice, however they have this amazing electro galvanized, UV-resistant steel exterior makes up the exterior of this durable outdoor storage shed.

Rain and most other weather conditions are protected by the building’s low-gabled reinforced roof.

Double sliding doors can be padlocked in the middle to prevent unauthorized access.

DIY assembly is made easy and painless with pre-cut and drilled parts.

An anchoring kit is not included, but recommended by the manufacturer.

The shed does not have a floor, so you will need to build a foundation and flooring.

Floor kits and roof kits are also available separately.

Design of this shed blends well with many home styles and will blend well into the average yard.

If there is a problem, a 12-year limited warranty provides added protection. On the whole, it’s a great deal.

Material:Galvanized steel
Dimensions:External: 8′ wide x 5’11” deep x 5’7″ tall
Internal: 7’10” wide x 5’6″ deep x 5’6″ tall
Assembly Time:At least 6 hours plus foundation construction time
Security/Durability:Very durable. Walls are very secure, but padlock connection point is low strength.


Sum Up!

The best way to ruin the mood of your beautifully crafted backyard is to have clutter and mess.

If you want to keep your lawn and garden maintenance items out of sight…

…an outdoor storage shed may be the solution you’re looking for.

Maintenance and work are necessary to create a relaxing outdoor space….

…but your tools don’t have to be the only ones who can enjoy your yard.

When looking for the perfect outdoor shed, consider what you need to store…

…and how you can keep it organized and accessible.

You can choose from a wide variety of outdoor storage shed sizes, materials, and configurations…

…so you’re sure to find something that meets your needs and budget.


If you don’t own a garage, outdoor sheds are a great way to get some garage-style square footage.

Despite their reputation for being an eyesore, today you can find a wide variety of attractive options…

…from rustic-chic to contemporary. If you think an outdoor shed is beyond your budget, think again.

Frequently Asked Questions Around the Best Storage Sheds

What is the Best Portable Storage Shade Material?

Several different materials can be used for portable storage sheds,..

…but if you’re looking for an affordable option, PVC is probably your best bet.

PVC is resistant to moisture and weather conditions,..

…which makes it a good choice forheds that will be used outdoors often.

Additionally, the material tends to be lightweight, so it’s easy to move around.

If budget is not a concern, then composite wood may also be a good choice.

Composite wood has many of the same properties as PVC…

…but offers additional benefits like Durability and rust resistance.

And if you’re looking for something more luxurious than either of these options..,

then vinyl might be right up your alley!

Vinyl sheds are waterproof and Stain-resistant, so they can handle elements both inside and out.

Is It Cheaper to Buy a Shed or Have One Built?

It can be cheaper to buy a shed than have it built,..

…but this depends on your specific requirements.

Building a shed may be the better option if your main requirement…

…is functionality and weatherproofing.

On the other hand, buying an already-built shed might work better for you…

…if you just want something to store your tools in or as a temporary space…

…for storing items until they’re needed.

Just make sure you are aware of any hidden costs associated…

…with either option (like installation fees) so that you don’t overpay unnecessarily.

What is a Good Foundation for a Shed?

Choosing the right foundation for a shed can be tricky,..

…but there are some key things to keep in mind.

For example, you should consider how much space you have available…

…and what kind of weather your shed will be exposed to.

You also want to make sure that the foundation is sturdy enough…

…to support the weight of the roof and walls and any tools or materials you might store inside.

Some popular foundations include concrete blocks, wooden boards..,

…or metal frame structures.

If you’re unsure which option best suits your needs,..

…contact an experienced contractor for help choosing the perfect one for your home project!

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