4 Most Popular Technique for Spreading Compost on Your Lawn

Technique for spreading compost
Composting your lawn is one of the best thing you can do for it.
Source: Greenhouse Emporium

Composting your lawn is one of the most important things you can do for it.

A layer of topdressing will offer important nutrients to the soil underneath…

…keeping your grass looking lush, green, and weed-free.

And of course, to do that, you need to know about the technique for spreading compost.

This is exactly what Layla does with her lawn every few weeks:

I love the way my lawn looks after I spread compost on it.

It is amazing how much better it looks and feels.

My lawn has never looked so beautiful, healthy and green!

You can see a big difference in the quality of grass when you use this product to fertilize.

Layla, New York

If you’re wondering about the same thing as Layla, don’t worry…

…because we will tell you the best technique for spreading compost that you can use!

Keep reading!

Best Technique For Spreading Compost

Surely if you are here, you have already familiarized yourself to composting.

Or even if not, let us convince you some more about the benefits of composting.

Without further ado, here is some of the most popular technique for spreading compost on your lawn.

Using a Drop Spreader

Technique for spreading compost 2
Pelletized compost can be spread with a drop spreader.
Source: McKenna Lawn Care

When talking about the most popular technique for spreading compost, drop spreader might come to mind.

Small dry items such as seeds or granulated fertilizer are handled by standard drop spreaders.

It is not recommended for compost to be placed in a drop spreader because the apertures are too narrow to efficiently disperse backyard compost.

Compost is also prone to get damp and clumpy, clogging the spreader quickly.

However, if pelletized compost is available, it would be ideal for use in a drop spreader.

Shovel and Rake Method

Technique for spreading compost 3
The oldest method in the book for spreading compost is the shovel and rake method.
Source: This Old House

Although the ancient shovel and rake method is time-consuming…

…it is inexpensive and effective if you only have a small yard.

A landscaping rake is the ideal form of rake for spreading compost.

The compost can be distributed in a single pass thanks to the broad head…

…and the robust tines drive the compost into the grass to maximize contact with the soil surface.

Using A Compost Spreader

Technique for spreading compost 4
Compost spreaders are effective for topdressing your lawn.
Source: Fafard

Rather than attempting to spread compost using a lawn spreader…

…you may invest in a good compost spreader.

Using a compost spreader instead of a shovel and rake saves a lot of time and effort.

Depending on your requirements, there are a few different varieties to choose from.

There are compost wheels, push-behind compost spreader, tow-behind compost spreader, and manure spreader.

Make Compost Tea

Technique for spreading compost 5
An infographic on how to make compost tea.
Source: Garden Gate

Compost tea is the best answer if you have a large lawn and little compost.

Compost tea (or worm tea if produced using worm castings) transforms your compost into a liquid form that is easier to apply.

What’s more, it also increases its nutritional content.

As compost tea, a small amount of compost can go a long way.

Compost tea is made by steeping compost in water and adding food for the bacteria.

When the tea is ready, pour it into a pump sprayer and saturate the lawn.

The liquid compost will penetrate into the soil and deliver all of the same benefits as traditional compost.

Tips For Spreading Compost

Technique for spreading compost 6
Regardless of the method, there are other tips you can follow for composting your lawn.
Source: The Spruce

There are a few best practices to follow while spreading topdressing on your lawn…

…regardless of the method you employ.

These pointers will assist you in making your top dressing as successful as possible.

To give the top dressing the maximum opportunity of bonding with the soil…

…mow the lawn as short as possible before applying it.

  • Rake away any dead grass and debris before applying a top dressing to a lawn.
  • Spread no more than a quarter-inch of topdressing at a time.
  • While too much compost won’t burn your lawn, the grass must still be visible through the layer of topdressing.


In this blog, we tried to provide a comprehensive guide on the most technique for spreading compost.

However, because everyone and their lawn is different, which is the best remains debatable depending on you.

If you have any tips or advice on how to spread compost better, let us know in the comments below!

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