Amazing Tips How to Make Snake Plant Growing Straight Correctly! (2022)

To have a snake plant growing straight is everyone’s dream.

It has leaves that stand between 8’inches and 5′ feet tall,…

One of the most noticeable aspects of snake plants is their elongated shape.

Snake plant leaves frequently fall over or bend at random, which is inconvenient for many gardeners.

Many people are perplexed as to why the leaves of snake plant growing straight are falling over.

This is one disadvantage of snake plants.

It can be caused by a variety of factors, including poor lighting,…

…excessive watering, and inappropriate repotting.

Water is held in the snake plant’s leaves as well.

If something goes wrong with the way your snake plant is cared for, the leaves will fall over.

Just like what Justine experienced before:

Snake plant growing straight

Last month, my uncle gave me a Futura robusta.

He knew I wanted to learn how to garden, 

and he recommended the Futura robusta snake plant as a good place to begin.

I learned how to care for the plant in the same way that my uncle did.

My snake plant, on the other hand, began to spread outward one day.

It was insane! I had no idea what to do!

Imagine what it would mean for Justine if she knew what to do from the start.

Is it possible for your snake plant to grow in a straight line?

Thankfully, this article will show you how to straighten your snake plant’s leaves.

Let’s get into it!

Here’s How to Keep the Snake Plant Growing Straight!

What To Prepare

Check on Air Humidity

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It is critical to ensure that the soil is moist but not damp.

When watering the snake plant, be sure to water it gently so that the leaves grow straight.

You can water them when the soil is 2′′ to 3′′ thick and dry to the touch.

Snake plants need to be watered more frequently in areas where there is a lot of direct sunshine.

After the water has passed through the container’s drainage hole,

…and don’t forget to water your snake plant. 

During the winter, if you want to appreciate your snake plant

…it is strongly advised that you water it only once a month.

Make sure the pot has drainage holes, 

…as this is one of the strategies to keep the snake plant from growing straight.

These details will blow your mind!

Use Succulent Soil Mix

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A fast-draining potting mix or normal potting soil in this circumstance…

…is added to a larger pot with coarse or perlite.

To ensure that the snake plant grows straight,

During the winter, an indoor plant should be placed near a southern window…

…and, for the rest of the year, an east-facing window.

The rotting roots of your snake plants can then be washed and trimmed…

…if your snake plants’ roots have rotted, transplant them to a new pot with sufficient drainage.

Pruning Once in A While

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When they are pruned, the snake plants growing straight.

Pruning is required for the snake plant’s leaves to grow bushier.

It, like other plants, requires pruning.

Pruning snake plants allows them to grow as quickly as possible.

…which can also assist in the removal of unwanted leaves.

Furthermore, careful trimming will ensure that your snake plant grows appropriately.

The growth of a snake plant that has not been clipped may be stunted.

You can, however, prune your plant to encourage it to grow bushier and more vigorously.

It’s also a good idea to wait until the roots are healthy before applying fertilizer.

Fertilizing plants while they are dormant is not advised.

Use a small amount of fertilizer on your snake plant.

Check to see if they’re getting too much fertilizer.

The snake plant is only fertilized once a year for the following year’s growth.

If you fertilize after losing too much fertilizer, add new soil succulent mix.

To find out more

Is There Any Reason Why Won’t My Snake Plant Growing Straight?

Snake plant growing straight

Sansevierias, like all succulents, store their water in their leaves.

It will undoubtedly survive in the dry and rocky settings in which it grows.

These snake plants despise damp feet and are prone to root rot…

If you overwater them if the soil is inadequately drained, they will die.

You should also water the inside border of the pot to keep the leaves dry…

Before returning it on the drainage saucer, it should be allowed to drain.

It’s crucial not to water them again until the dirt on top is completely dry.

Water your snake plant when the leaves begin to appear wilting.

Once a month should suffice as a general guideline.

If snake plants are left in the dark for an extended period of time, they will die.

…the leaves are prone to toppling over as well.

Despite the fact that your snake plant will be very resilient and develop quickly.

Even when there is no direct sunlight… 

…prolonged exposure to bright light causes the leaves to tumble over.

IfIf, on the other hand, lighting and hydration aren’t the issues with your snake plant.

The rootbound issue could be the cause of the leaves falling over.

It’s important to remember that repotting them too frequently…

…or putting them in a pot that’s too big will cause the roots to decay.

There’s also this..

Why is My Snake Plant Growing Outward Instead?

Snake plant growing straight

Snake plants should grow straight up into the sky.

Additional explanations may exist, depending on the type of snake plant you have.

There are three reasons for the spread of your snake plant.

Additional explanations may exist, depending on the type of snake plant you have.

Young Plant

You may notice that your snake plant is spreading outward because it is still young.

Some young plants will initially grow outward, but as they mature, snake plants grow straight.

You can tie your snake plant’s leaves together if they’re growing too far outward.

As soon as the babies emerge from the plant, untie them and let them to grow naturally.

Lighting Factor

Snake plants can survive in low-light or even no-light situations, but they need light to grow well.

You do not need to provide nearly as much light as you would for other houseplants.

To obtain enough light during the day, simply keep them near a window.

It’s especially crucial during the growing season and when they’re in the developmental stages.

Improper Care

It’s fine to be negligent with snake plants.

However, they require attention as well, so too much neglect could be damaging to them.

For example, to make the snake plant growing straight, it requires water once or twice a month.

It’s a good idea to wipe their leaves every now and then.

Furthermore, if the pot becomes too filthy, it will need to be replaced.

Aside from that, make certain you feed them the right amount of water…

…at the right time (not too much nor too little).

Furthermore, there is a beneficial technique to water your snake plant which is called bottom watering.

This could be your additional treatment for the sake of your snake plant life and you can read it here.

Snake Plant Growing Outward

The answer is the same whether you ask why my snake plant…

…is spreading out or why it is expanding outward.

When you plant snake plants outside, they will spread out.

Within one or two seasons, they adapt to the situation and begin to behave normally like other plants.

As a result, it’s best to keep your snake plant in pots and allow it to develop freely inside your home.

Because their root structure is shallow, you don’t need to put them outside.

As a result, they can thrive in small or medium-sized containers.

Here’s how…

Make Your Snake Plant Growing Straight Instead Of Growing Outwards!

A plant naturally grows upward when it receives light from all sides.

Indoor plants, on the other hand, could have the opposite problem…

…because they don’t get enough light from all sides.

You may notice that your snake plant leans to one side if it only gets light from one side of the window.

It’s also a good idea to use a pot that has built-in grow lights.

If you’re wanting to buy one, this is the best selection of high-quality stores on the market.

Keep in mind, though, that this isn’t true for all snake plants.

Because bulging outward or tilting to one side has been connected to a number of illnesses.

Rotating your snake plant’s position every now and again is the simplest approach to straightening it.

It will ensure that auxin is evenly distributed throughout the plant.

However, if you’re not careful, you might forget.

Whenever you water the plant, employ this approach to give it a quarter-turn.

This ensures that your snake plant gets plenty of light from all angles.

You’ll notice that your snake plant is starting to stand up straight after a few weeks.

You can tie your snake plants until they produce progeny if they are immature, as indicated above.

Quick Solve for Making Your Snake Plant Growing Straight

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…which is the most common problem found on your snake plant.

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You might want to know…

Other Questions You Might Want To Know

What does a healthy snake plant look like?

Pump, meaty green leaves characterize a healthy snake plant.

If the leaves have creases, it might be an indication of root rot,

..which suggests the snake plant has been overwatered…

…to the point that the roots have been destroyed.

If your snake plant has white spots on its leaves, as well, that is not a good sign.

It’s essential to keep scouting since this is a difficult problem to solve.

Can I cut the brown tips off my snake plant?

You may snip off the brown area of the tip if the damage is minor.

Because the tip will not regrow, make sure you cut your plant in the manner that you want.

Cut the whole leaf off at the soil level if the damage is severe.

Soon enough, the rhizome root system will send up new shoots.

My snake plant is broken, can it be saved?

Broken snake plants can be fixed again.

Broken or damaged snake plant leaves can be pruned without reducing the plant’s overall health.

You can also cut away only the damaged parts, use the leaves for propagation,

….or don’t do anything about the damage and let the plant heal itself.

Can I make my snake plant grow faster?

Yes, there are some ways you can encourage your snake plants to grow faster.

You can find out more about those ways here.

Sum Up

Growing a snake plant isn’t that difficult.

However, if you don’t have the appropriate information… 

…you can easily destroy the plant instead of keeping it alive.

There’s no need to be concerned now that you know!


The snake plant is a self-sufficient houseplant that thrives in all types of weather.

However, if you choose to keep it inside your home, 

…there are a few things to keep in mind in order to maintain it healthy.

What are your thoughts on the snake plant?

Please share some of your ideas with us in the comments area below!

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