Succulents Grow Light Types: Which One is Best [2022]

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Succulents are a very common plant species and for good reason. They’re lovely, delicate, and low-maintenance plants. In contrast, succulents require more sunlight to thrive, so they require succulents grow light to thrive.

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In spite of this, it is important to know what to look for when selecting succulent grow lights. In this post, we will discuss the types of succulent grow lights as well as how to choose succulent grow lights.

Grow Light Types

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It’s simple to choose the optimal grow light for your succulents! Choose from a wide variety of grow lights with various sizes, designs, and uses. Explore the benefits and drawbacks of the most common grow light kinds by reading on.


The most popular option for growing succulents indoors is LED (Light-Emitting Diodes).

Because LEDs are durable, consume little energy, and operate at low temperatures, growers don’t need to worry about their plants burning up if the light is too close to them.

The initial expense of LED grow lights is their main drawback, yet as these lights gain popularity and become more generally available, the relative cost has gradually lowered.

You can use this LED grow light to illuminate your indoor succulent plants. If you want to know more about what indoor succulents you should grow, you can read our article here: The Easiest Plant Choices According to Experts for Succulent Indoor Garden Ideas.


Compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and fluorescent tubes are the two main types of fluorescent grow lights.

Both can be used successfully for succulents, and your decision will probably depend on how much room you have for your grow light arrangement. Fluorescent lighting is frequently affordable, effective, and adaptable.

Growers should be cautious about how close they position fluorescent grow lights to their plants because they do not last as long as LEDs and also tend to run hotter than LEDs.

Fluorescent lights are less environmentally friendly to dispose of because they also contain mercury.


This is Metal halide with High-Intensity Discharge. HID lights are a kind of grow light that is more popular than Metal Halide lights.

  • recommended for substantial commercial growth operations
  • the greatest quantity of heat and light production
  • is the most energy-intensive and results in high electricity costs for the duration of each light’s life.

Choose the Best Succulents Grow Light

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It can be difficult to select the ideal grow light for succulents. There are many things to take into account, including spectrum, brightness, and light output. The following advice will help you select the best grow light for succulents:

  • To encourage healthy growth rates and coloration in your succulents, ensure that the light has a good spectrum. – Be visible but not overly so.
  • Succulents require light to grow, but not light that is so intense as to harm the plant.
  • Be flexible
  • Whether it’s to fit a specific location or to modify the light brightness to fit the seasons, you’ll need to adjust the light to fit your demands.
  • Opt for a lamp that produces between 550 and 600 lumens; this will give succulent plants the proper amount of brightness without over illuminating them.


Succulent plants are one of the plants are often cultivated. You can grow many types of common succulents as house plants. For succulent cultivators of all levels of experience, succulent grow light is a crucial aid.

You’ll be able to pick the best grow light for succulents and have the most fun with succulent gardening by following the advice in this article!

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