The Amazing Snake Plant Flower Meaning You Must Know! (2022)

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If previously we discussed Sansevieria Cleopatra,…

…then this time we will discuss Sansevieria or snake plant flowers.

But if you haven’t read the previous one yet,…

…you can go here: Sansevieria Cleopatra, Superb Amazing Care And Guides For It.

Are you looking for the meaning of the snake plant flower?

If yes, we should discuss this plant first.

The Snake Plant is a succulent that can tolerate a variety of conditions.

Plants grow indoors mostly as an air purifiers.

It is sometimes called a bedroom plant since it produces oxygen at night.

Before we start…

Hear it first from Hamdan!

I’ve had my snake plant for the longest time nowIt stays alive in my neglect.

The snake plant was a tough little thing.

It had been living in this house for years, and it just wouldn’t die...

which is very amazingI never really took care of it. 

Since I lack the proper care guide instructions…

But one day…

I saw my snake plant grow a single stalk…

It shocked me. At first, it had nothing on the shoot…

So I just let it grow to see what might happen,

and there it was, my snake plant flower in bloom!

I was so happy and couldn’t hold my tears anymore. My excitement is at the top!

Seeing my snake plant flower bloom was the biggest moment in my life.

Shocking, I know!

That was when I started my research. It turns out that snake plants do bloom!

But only in certain circumstances, before that.

Let’s get to know what this snake plant flower looks like!

Check this out!

Meaning Of Snake Plant Flower

The snake plant flower brings good fortune and prosperity to the surrounding area.

Not only do they purify the air, but they also supply oxygen at night, which enhances sleep.

Snake plant flower
Snake plant flower
Credit: Thereporteronline

They are capable of shielding against bad energy.

This plant is known as a snake plant because its sharp leaves resemble a snake.

Feng shui recommends placing it in the southern or eastern corners of your home.

In the research, the Chinese placed snake plant flowers indoors because they were considered precious house plants…

…since the Eight Gods conferred their virtues on the owners of Snake Plants.

The eight virtues are:

  • Prosperity
  • Long life
  • Intelligence
  • Health
  • Beauty
  • Strength
  • Art
  • Poetry

They placed Snake plants close to the entrance to their home so that the eight virtues could enter

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What does The Snake Plant Flower Symbolize?

In Snake Plants, the green color represents nature…

…and how nature can provide you with good health.

Furthermore, it represents freshness, the environment, and good luck.

The natural world is progressing and balancing.

Apart from that, snake plants absorb all air toxins…

…clean them, as well as produce oxygen at night.

What Does a Snake Plant Flower Represent?

The snake plant flower represents nature, the environment, and positive energy.

The snake plant flower represents cleanliness because of its ability to filter out pollutants.

This snake plant flower is perfect for gifting, it has a lot of meaning in Feng Shui.

You will be able to reduce your daily stress with its fresh vines.

You can install it inside your home or office and it will keep the environment clean and healthy.

Snake Plant Flower Bring Good Luck?

A snake plant is considered a lucky plant…

…because it helps to purify the air around the house and the house itself from poisonous gases.

According to one study, indoor air is more toxic than outdoor air.

Hence, removing bad air from the house is good for your health.

Be sure to place them in the right place and position so that all negative chi is excluded.

The best place for them is in a bedroom to get a strong positive vibe.

Snake plant flower
Credit: Mashrita

Your house will be protected from bad air.

Snake plant flowers are considered good luck in Feng Shui.

Because these plants are able to spread positivity, they’re referred to as lucky plants.

Snake Plant flowers bring positive energy when they are happy.

Therefore, ensure that they receive sufficient light and water…

…so that they don’t get problems like curling leaves.

Snake plants provide oxygen at night.

It also removes poisonous gases like formaldehyde and benzene.

What Is the Best Snake Plant?

A NASA Clean Air Study cited Sansevieria trifasciata Laurentii as a good air purifying plant

…that can remove volatile air pollutants.

The variegated snake plant is Sansevieria trifasciata Laurentii.

Laurentii plants require little maintenance.

Despite the neglect, they continue to grow healthy.

With sharp points, they have fleshy deep greens.

Laurentii plants can sometimes form green flowers when grown outdoors.

Snake plant flower
Credit: directhardware

Additionally, they produce orange berries.

Whether you plant the snake plants indoors or outdoors…

…they will always look beautiful.

You can use them as an accent in a room with a more white and gray contemporary design.

This succulent plant is characterized by its upright leaves with vibrant yellow edges.

Indoor air is purified by the plant by removing toxins like toluene, formaldehyde, and xylene.

Snake Plant Benefits

Can Filter Toxins

Snake plants filter toxins from the air, such as toluene…

…carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, xylene, and trichloroethylene, by absorbing them.

Increasing Oxygen at Night

Snake plant flower 2
Credit: Getty Images

The snake plants convert a significant amount of carbon dioxide into oxygen at night..

…making them excellent bedroom plants.

One can survive in an air-sealed room filled with 6-8 Snake plants, according to research.

You can live in an airtight room if you have Snake Plants.

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The Snake Plant Absorbs Radiation

Snake plants will absorb harmful radiation from electronic devices…

…such as televisions, laptops, air conditioners, Wi-Fi routers, etc.

Radiation from those harmful sources can cause cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Thus, it is highly recommended to keep the snake plant in the living room…

…or other areas of the house that have electronic devices for maintaining a healthy and protective environment.

Boosts the Sleep Quality

Snake plants detoxify the air in the house and provide rich oxygen at night.

Snake plant flower 3
Credit: Dubai Garden Centre

Sleep quality will be improved.

Poor air quality in the house can cause headaches, eye irritation, and respiratory issues.

You can place the Snake Plant in your bedroom to promote deep sleep at night.

Attract Positive Energy

A Snake Plant placed in an ideal location will bring positive energy.

Put this plant in a less-trafficked area since it is considered quite aggressive.

Snake plants are best placed in the Southeastern, Southern, and Eastern corners of your home.

Last but not least…

Effective Fighting Allergies

Snake Plants can release moisture into the air.

Then, airborne allergies such as sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, and watery eyes are reduced.

For people who are prone to allergies, it is a natural remedy.

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Sums Up

So yes, snake plants do flower. They usually do under stress and neglect!

A single stalk shall grow out of a snake plant and produce narrow-petaled tubular buds…

… in the colors of cream, green, or white! These flowers also have a great fragrance…

Which adds up to the beauty of this plant. Hence, expect the unexpected…

Or try to root around in your snake plant planter to finally see your snake plant flower!


I hope this article helps you figure out how your snake plants flower!

There may be part of the information that I missed out on or lack of…

… so I am highly open to any suggestions given…

Comment down below on those matters or contact me here!

Check out more of our posts on this website like this one here!

Bless your snake plants flower!

Frequently Asked Questions Around Snake Plant Flower

Is snake plant supposed to flower?

While it’s not clear whether snake plant is supposed to flower,..

…there are many benefits associated with doing so.

One of the most commonly cited perks is that snake plant helps to detoxify..

…the soil and cleanse your air space.

Additionally, this herb can help reduce stress levels and improve overall moods.

It also has anti-inflammatory properties, making it beneficial for arthritis or asthma.

The flowers contain cannabinoids (including THC), which may have…

…therapeutic effects on certain health issues.

However, while some people do claim that they experience benefits…

…from blooming snake plants, there isn’t enough research to support such claims yet.

How often does a snake plant flower?

Most snake plants typically flower once a year, but this may vary depending on the variety.

You can start to see signs of flowering starting around late winter or early spring.

Once blooming begins, it will continue throughout most of the summer until fall.

However, some varieties may bloom multiple times over the course of a season.

Should I repot my snake plant if it flowers?

There is no definitive answer to this question since it depends…

…on the individual snake plant and how well it responds to repotting.

However, if you feel that your snake plant needs more soil to thrive,..

…repotting may be a good option for you.

Make sure to use fresh potting soil and give your snake plant plenty of water..

..during and after the repotting process.

Is snake plant flower lucky?

There is no scientific evidence to support the claim that snake plant flower is lucky.

However, some people believe that it has mystical properties and can help to improve luck in general.

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