7 Reasons Why Succulents Have Great Feng Shui And Good Luck For 2021

All green plants like succulents help in enhancing the ambiance of your home..

..but they also enhance the healing energy inside by bringing positive, vibrant energy.

Houseplants provide you with a calming vibe as well as helps you feel focused and relaxed.

Are succulent plants good for feng shui at home?

Great Feng Shui practitioners believe that growing succulents indoors balances negative energy..

..with positive energy and protective energy..

..which further helps bring better health, wealth, and prosperity to the household.

For example, you can place these feng shui plants in your bathroom.

The good luck charm and other benefits of succulents have been known for hundreds of years.

I’d like to discuss seven reasons why succulents make a good houseplant..

..and why you ought to grow them inside.

But Before That..

Great feng shui
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Let’s hear it from Hana first!

I Believe in supranatural things..

It help me getting positive energy and feel lucky..

With the help of great feng shui or astrology sugestion..

I start to become more confident and reorganize to be better person..

Even my friend who first don’t believe in these kind of stuff..

..start to wondering if it true and real.

I even place my indoor plants as great feng shui suggested..

..and it’s been 3 years since i have serious health issue..

Since i buy and place it!

Great feng shui
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The Calming And Soothing Touch Of Elegance

One of the best things about succulents is that they are very beginner-friendly and easy to care for.

Different from other plant types, they have unusual leaf shapes..

..colors, and foliages, as well as unique leaf tips.

The adaptations they have acquired while evolving in drought-prone areas..

..have resulted in these intriguing leaf and stem structures.

By having these green plants on the tabletop, or around the corner of the room..

..you can reduce stress, promote better focus, and enhance the feeling of calmness.

These characteristics allow them to be grown not only in household conditions but also in offices.

So aside from boosting the aesthetics of the room..

..they can directly charge you with a positivity..

Succulents Act As Air Purifiers And Remove Toxins

Because of this aspect of acting as an air purifier..

..succulents have become quite popular in the last few years.

These plants are one of the rare breeds that can purify the air by removing harmful toxins.

There are toxic compounds found in formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and even some industrial chemicals.

Plants like snake plants, Dracaena fragrans or corn plants, aloe vera, etc..

..do this job better than other varieties.

Numerous studies have shown that indoor air tends to contain countless of the most dangerous chemical..

..and biological pollutants, and we seldom take any precaution against them.

The alarming thing is that another study showed that the average person spends 90% of his/her day inside.

These components are considered volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which even though not visible to the eye..

..can cause minor skin and nasal irritation or in some cases can lead to acute breathing problems.

It is impossible to completely eliminate these components..

..with just one or two succulents in the room..

..but NASA studies have shown that their presence helps in the improvement of the air.

This enhances the positive energy indoors and promotes better health.

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Wealth And Improved Luck Are Believed To Come

It is believed that the leaves of succulents..

..which have coin-shaped foliage, welcome prosperity in the house.

What is the best plant for the money?

A variety of jade plants called Money plants is believed to bring good luck and money..

..so is one of the most popular succulents for use as gifts, especially among business owners.

In addition, these particular succulents are also commonly found in offices and other business-oriented places..

.. including restaurants, cafes, and shops.

The vibrant green color and trendy look of the plant..

..not only make it seen as a token of good luck..

..but it also enhances the ambiance of our environment instantly.

Antibacterial And Healing Properties

Most succulents belong to the Aloe family..

..which have this awesome ability to heal wounds and basic scars.

Before applying these directly to them..

..it is recommended that you consult with your doctor.

  • The aloe plant has been used for thousands of years in beauty care practices such as skin care and hair care. These plants contain a juiciness that is rich in antibacterial components and can help in better nourishment.
  • Avoid consuming the gel directly since it can lead to serious health problems.

Therefore, succulents are considered a sign of good luck..

..help in promoting better healing energy, and also help to clear the air.

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Succulent’s Leaf Provides A Protective Energy

The room environment is boosted by succulents with their exotic foliage and striking long leaves.

This particular trait is particularly attributed to the Dracaena variety.

In addition to providing protective energy..

..the foliage of the succulents provides a soothing yet vibrant touch to the surroundings.

Therefore succulents are often found in the entrances of offices or in the lobby of hotels.

The snake plant is a great choice for someone who is new to plants..

..because they require very little maintenance and tolerate low light conditions.

Symbolizes Balance And Adaptiveness

Plants such as succulents can adjust quickly to conditions of high or low light or water.

Additionally, they can adapt well to existing in the dark.

There are a large variety of succulents that can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

We need to remember..

..to keep a balance in our lives and find ways to adapt to changes in ways that are beneficial to our well-being.

Mindfulness helps us to keep our inner energies in balance.

Fresh Dose Of Oxygen For Better Breathing

Succulents provide us with fresh oxygen similar to green photosynthesis plants.

This directly contributes to improved indoor air quality.

It is also said that succulent plants produce oxygen, unlike most other plant varieties, even during the night.

Therefore, they are ideal as indoor plants for improving air quality and promoting positive energy inside.

In order to receive a consistent and proper daily dose of fresh oxygen..

..it is suggested to cultivate 2 to 3 green plants every 100 square feet.

So that way..

..if you grow succulents indoors, you can easily eliminate toxins from the air, improve oxygen supply..

..promote positive energy, and enhance the indoor appearance in a natural and cost-effective way.

Great Feng Shui Sums Up!

Planting Succulents Inside is a Great Way to Connect with Nature

We often find it difficult to connect with nature in our daily busy schedule.

Nevertheless, it is very important as it helps us to calm down, deal with stress more effectively..

..and is also more conducive to productivity and attention.

With multiple succulents indoors..

..we are surrounded by soothing and relaxing touches of nature to some degree.

“Unfortunately, Feng Shui has mingled with superstition. Luckily, it’s easy to expose myths. Don’t think ‘things’, think ‘energy’.”

Stefan Emunds, Modern authors of GoodReads

FAQ About Great Feng Shui

Great feng shui
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Indoor plants are bad? Why not use artificial plant?

That’s a good question!

Here’s one of the quote from great feng shui expert, Louise Loh from one of his video.

“If you have to many artificial plant in your home, it may attract negative energy”

Louise Loh, Feng shui Expert with Internasional Entrepreneur Excellence Award

but you can also check it yourself the video below to make sure!

YouTube video

Is it great feng shui to have plants in the Bathroom?

Many people believe having green plants in their bathroom is great feng shui..

..as it helps to balance the moisture in the room and release a healthy dose of oxygen into the air.

  • There are many plants that purify the air, like most succulents and other plants such as peace lilies.
  • In addition to providing a refreshing atmosphere in the bathroom, they also add a soothing decorative touch.

The only thing you need to ensure is that you have enough light in your bathroom.

Plants cannot survive without enough light.

Choose low light-friendly succulents and houseplants in your washroom if you have a low dose of light.

Is it great feng shui to have plants in the Bedroom?

According to the Spruce blog..

..it is advised to avoid having plants in your bedroom as green plants release carbon dioxide at night..

..which can disrupt sleep patterns, so it may appear to be bad feng shui in the bedroom.

In other rooms of the house besides the bedroom, it is better to have them.

However, there are some exceptions to this.

If you are growing succulents or other plants that are said to release oxygen even at night..

..then this may not be a problem. 

Great feng shui 1
Credit: mindbodygreen

The amount of carbon dioxide produced by a single green plant..

..is too small to make a difference at all to the air quality of the room.

It can be difficult to arrange plants in a small bedroom if it is jam-packed full of them.

You should not have any problem with it if your bedroom is sufficiently big..

..and you have only a couple of small green plants.

A great feng shui strategy in the bedroom is also having green plants..

..because this attracts the positive and calming wood energy.


The cultivation of succulents in a house is considered to be one of the easiest plants to take care of.

In addition to this, they are also an important feng shui plant for wealth, good health, and happiness.

Great feng shui practitioners believe..

..that cultivating green succulents inside can help them balance out negative energy..

..with positive healing energy.

There are still many recent and interesting articles about Great Feng Shui Plants..

..as well as other unique information from All Things Gardener..

For further information and other inquiries..

..you can contact us here.

Frequently Asked Questions Around How to choose the right succulent for your home

Adding a succulent to your home can improve feng shui and good luck in your household.

Succulents are low-maintenance plants that require very little care…

….simply water them occasionally and watch them grow! The best part?

There are many succulents to choose from, so finding the right one for your home is easy.

Before you make your purchase, consider the size of your home…

…the amount of light it gets, and your lifestyle.

You can also check out succulent care guides to learn more about…

…how to take care of them properly.

Once you have selected the succulent, take time to plant it in a spot that gets plenty of light.

Remember to water it regularly and watch it grow!

What types of succulents are best for feng shui?

There is no definitive answer as feng shui for succulents varies depending on individual preferences.

However, some popular succulents that are considered good feng shui plants…

….include aloe vera, cacti, and euphorbia.

Could adding a succulent to my home bring me good luck?

A succulent, also known as a cactus, is a plant that can be beneficial to your home’s luck.

Adding a succulent to your home may increase energy and prosperity…

…as succulents help to filter bad energy out of the air.

How can I care for my succulent so that it will grow healthy and flourish?

You can care for a succulent by watering them regularly…

…keeping them in a well-lit area, and fertilizing them occasionally.

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